Kathy Kamei Profile for San Francisco Magazine

Branding Photography

Had an a really inspiring and high-key time photographing designer/philanthropist/animal and child protector Kathy Kamei for her profile in the current Art Issue of San Francisco magazine. Kathy was nominated as one of the top Dynamic Women of 2020 and I went up to her future animal sanctuary in Santa Ynez to capture some images of her and her beloved horses.

Kathy is a truly inspiring human and daymaker and one of her personal mission statements is “to support women in finding their voice, their passion and a wondrous excitement for their best life.” After spending an hour or so with her I can truly say she is embodying and being the change she is making. Her work and life is steeped in deep acceptance, radical authenticity, and the spirit and heartfelt innocence of the Balinese culture.

To learn more about Kathy, her causes, and latest designs, see kathykamei.com. For the actual profile in the magazine, click here.

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